University of Nottingham Sport Leadership Academy



The University of Nottingham Sport Leadership Academy offers a range of programmes, training and qualifications to allow students to develop leadership skills through sport. 

Whether you have previous experience in sport and leadership or not, the academy offers an excellent opportunity to gain CV experience, grow your skills and make important links with industry partners.

The Leadership Academy aims to deliver across all 3 points of our mission statement which include:


Engaging people in volunteering and also young people within the community in schools.


Inspiring people about the local community about Sport and raising the aspirations of children,


Supporting World Class Events such as the Premier Squash League, BUCS Competitions, Tri Campus Games and other local events.



If you would like to register as a volunteer - simply click the following link to our registration page. You'll then be signed up as a member of the University of Nottingham Leadership Academy and will be able to easily access the opportunities that meet your tastes and preferences!


For local organisations including clubs, schools, and providers who are seeking volunteers, if you would like to post your opportunities on this website, please get in touch with